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#1497 Gypsy Vanner - Get 10% off!

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Get this model for only $42.29 + shipping!  Compare to $46.99 + shipping on Breyer's website!

Color, personality, and lots of hair! These are just a few things about the beautiful Gypsy Vanner breed that will capture your attention. The Gypsy Vanner originated in the United Kingdom. Created by the Gypsies, these horses were not only bred to be beautiful, they also needed to be useful. Serving as a mode of transportation, Gypsy Vanners needed to be strong to pull large wagons in caravans, and kind enough to be around a family's children. Resembling a small draft, Gypsy Vanners typically have a heavy feathering on their legs, and have lush manes and tails. They can come in many colors and patterns, including piebald (black and white tobiano), skewbald (combinations of brown, red and white including tri-colored tobiano), and blagdon (solid color with white splashed up from underneath). The very first Gypsy Vanners were imported to the United States in 1996, and today this sturdy and intelligent breed is gaining popularity. They are still used for driving, in addition to being enjoyed as riding mounts, and can be seen on the trail and in the show ring!

This is a Traditional-size model.  It is one of the larger molds, and will take up a bit more space on the shelf than other Traditional molds.  But he's worth it!

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